CONTACT - Service@NewYorkShooter.Com   When contacting me regarding a job, please be as accurate in your description as possible and include all relevant information, such as Date, Time, Address, Size of event, Length of the venue, etc. that I need to know in advance. Should you decide to hire me, all details must be laid out in a written contract in order to avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings. I charge a one-time non-refundable $150- “Basic Service Fee” that I count for my preparation for the event and reservation for the particular time.   My hourly rate for photography is $200/hour that INCLUDES basic digital Post Processing of ALL images. For video my standard rate is $250/hour which INCLUDES basic editing, such as conversion of raw files, cutting the clips and rendering them into a final clip with simple non-animated titles. Available extras are full “movie-style” video clip creation with Intro and Exit clips, special effects, 3D Title Animations or other extras for an additional $100/hour rate. There are NO hidden fees of ANY KIND!   As the creator, I own all copyrights for my work! This includes the original high-resolution RAW images and/or video files and reserve the right to keep, store and use such material for demo, self-promotional or other purposes at will, unless the client would purchase FULL and COMPLETE ownership from me upon completion of the work, which I am willing to agree to, however, such complete copyright release may carry a substantial premium that is not included in my regular service prices!   For any non-regular type of work, such as short-notice “jump-ins” to replace another photographer for example, night-time shootings or other unexpected and unannounced emergency type work, I charge 50% extra! For any work that requires travel or press credentials, the client bears full responsibility to provide all accommodations, pay all related expenses and issue valid and accepted press cards for the assignment. I do NOT accept job offers for potentially dangerous or life-threatening events of any sort! Upon agreement, ALL service fees and prices MUST be paid IN ADVANCE! Should I not be able to complete the accepted assignment, I issue a FULL REFUND for the job! In case of change of schedule or postponement by the client to another day, my non-refundable “Basic Service Fee” for the new date applies again!