ABOUT ME   Hi and welcome to my website! My name is Ernest. I’m a third-generation photographer in our family, living in and working out of New York City. I do various journalistic jobs as a freelancer in both photography and videography, depending on the particular event or venue by my clients.   First I started photography as a hobby in order to discover this fascinating activity and broaden my own artistic horizons. Over the years I’ve switched between videography and photography several times till finally, due to the revolutionary advancements in new technologies I’m able to do both using the same equipment.   Though I’m quite capable and flexible to do many different types of work, my specialties are mainly corporate events, trade shows, parades, sporting events, celebrations, working with small to medium sized private groups such as travel agency organized visitors and tourists, as well as recording artistic performances and similar activities that demand professional journalistic style high quality material for prints, online publishing or broadcast.   I’m easy going, friendly, reliable, experienced, prompt, detail conscious and result oriented, deliver first-class quality work, can work on tight schedules, ready to jump in as a backup shooter for other photographers if necessary, can make myself available on short notice, can work day or night, and can travel oversea if must on group assignments with my passport and global entry card ready for quick checkpoint passes, although first and foremost I prefer to stay in Manhattan, New York City, where I reside.   I shoot video in 4K - Ultra High Definition, and photos in RAW + Jpeg, then do all post processing, video editing with intro and exit clips, even create cool 3D Title animations if requested, and finally deliver the ready to go product or upload them to my clients’ own YouTube channel as agreed upon. By acquiring my services you can rest assured you get professionalism and piece of mind with no compromise on quality each and every time. So don’t hesitate to contact me about shooting your next event.